Julian Waterfall Pollack

Julian Waterfall Pollack is a musician based in Brooklyn, NY.  His background is in classical, jazz, and performance with piano and keyboards.  Julian is also a burgeoning producer, mixer, and sound designer with clients in multiple genres that range from singer-songwriter, rap and r&b, and jazz.



Julian Pollack started mixing and producing at a young age in Northern California's East Bay.  In 2006, he moved to New York City and has collaborated with many artists both local and abroad.




j3po (aka Julian Waterfall Pollack) first heard the sound of the talk box when he was a kid in the 90s listening to 2pac and Blackstreet.  Soon he learned about Roger Troutman (the king of the talk box), and immersed himself in all of Zapp and Roger's music, including Roger's solo projects.  j3po is a re-envisioning of the unique soulful sound of the 80s and 90s.

Debut tracks coming soon



Born into a musical family, Brooklyn-based pianist and composer Julian Waterfall Pollack started studying piano at the age of 5 with his mother, a concert pianist.  The Northern California native started leading his own groups as an early teenager, and by the age of 17, he signed with Jazzschool Records, which released his highly acclaimed debut album.  Pollack has been recognized by critics around the world for his elegant touch and maturity, and for his singular blend of jazz improvisation and composition that combines a love for today's popular music as well as a respect for the tradition of classical music.


Emerging, young, and poised...a pianist with an earnest air.."

— The New York Times

...a young pianist who deftly balances virtuosity with tenderness"

— TimeOut New York


Goin’ For It (Jazzschool Records, 2006)

Trio release with Darrell Green and David Ewell

Infinite Playground (Junebeat Records, 2010)

Trio release with Evan Hughes and Noah Garabedian

Waves of Albion (Berthold Records, 2013) 

Trio release with Evan Hughes and Noah Garabedian

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...a ferociously assured and creatively dazzling pianist, composer and arranger..."

— The San Francisco Chronicle


Original Compositions:

Night Flower, for Orchestra, 2014

Premiered July, 2014, Mendocino Music Festival Orchestra, California

Brooklyn Boomerang, for Two Pianos, 2013

Premiered November, 2013, Greenwich House Renee Weiler Recital Hall, New York City

String Quartet, 2013

Commissioned by the Ives Quartet and the Telluride Chamber Festival

Premiered August, 2013, Telluride Chamber Festival, Telluride, Colorado

Piano Concerto, 2011

Commissioned by the Camellia Symphony Orchestra

Premiered February, 2012, Sacramento, California by the Camellia Symphony Orchestra

Works are available to purchase


June 15-26, Teaching at the California Jazz Conservatory, Berkeley, CA

July 16, 8pm, J. Pollack & Ralph Humphrey,  Mendocino Music Festival, CA




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